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5 Reasons to Invest in Google Ads

Do you feel like it’s a jungle when it comes to online advertising, and deciding what to invest in? You want to get consistent leads and be more visible to attract more clients to your business, but you don’t know what’s best for you, or where to start. There are so many channels and places you can promote your offers. Can be tricky to know what’s up and down. So let’s start with first things first.
What is Google Ads?

Google Ads covers different ways and channels of advertising on Google. One of the most popular ones is the paid ads i search results. How does search engine advertising work? When someone makes a search on Google, results will show on the search engine results pages, organic and paid. So when advertising with Search ads, your business can show on the first page of Google and in top positions, based on matching search terms. The paid results will show above the organic results on page 1 and 2, and also on the bottom of the pages.

Are you not certain whether Google Ads is right for you to invest in, or how it actually works? There are many good reasons to advertise on Google. Here are five of them:


Reach people that are actively searching for you

A major advantage of Google Ads and what sets it apart from any other marketing channel, is that it’s based on intent. People are intentionally looking to shop or book online, and the first place they go to here is Google. So it’s your chance to land in front of those that are looking for exactly what you are offering. And as you are reaching people who are actively searching, it means they are already interested. Because of that, they are more likely to convert as they are further down the funnel from the research phase, ready to take action.


Only pay for engagement

Google Ads is also known as PPC marketing which is where advertisers pay each time an ad is clicked on. When someone clicks your ad, they are landing on your website and you are generating traffic. This means that you will only be charged for the engagement you get and when someone shows interest. Not for how many times your ad is showing. In the case that no one clicks on your ad, you’re not paying. 

PPC counts for Search campaigns that show on Google search results, and image ads showing on other websites. For Youtube videos it’s called CPV where you are charged per view, counting a certain watch length of your video.


Attract qualified traffic 

I’ve now explained how you can reach people based on search terms and search intent. There are more targeting options with Google Ads to help you attract even more qualified traffic. On campaign level you can adjust the settings to narrow down who your ads are showing to, instead of being to anyone searching on the same terms. This includes among others location, language, and demographics.

As an example, select cities and states instead of an entire country depending on where your audience is. You can also target the language that your audience speaks, in particular relevant in countries where more languages are spoken. Likewise, you have the option to select gender and age to narrow down to your desired target group. For physical businesses and shops, you can choose to run your ads during certain days of the week. This way you can match with opening hours for people to visit your shop or call your business.


Choose campaigns and placements depending on your goal

Google Ads is not only for Google Search. There are so many opportunities with Google advertising. You can be visible nearly everywhere online! From partner websites to Youtube, Google Maps, Apps and Gmail, including image and video ads. You can therefore choose different campaigns depending on your business and goals, and on where your audience is.

As an example, for sales to your web-shop and eCommerce, Shopping campaigns show your product and pricing. To create brand awareness, engaging in Youtube video can bring wider reach, and to increase leads or sales it can be Search or Retargeting with display advertising. Here is where your business can show among others: Google Search, other website, Google Maps, Youtube.


Track performance and optimize over time

Google Ads is completely transparent which is extremely valuable to you as an advertiser. You’ll know how much ROI you get on your campaigns, which ads are better performing, where your conversions are coming from and much more. The account Dashboard gives you access to real-time metrics such as clicks, impressions, costs, etc. so you always can track and follow performance. Why is this so important? You’ll have no idea how to improve your campaigns or which changes to make, if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. The data you can access will help you figure it out.

In addition, you can link your Google Ads account to Analytics. Google Analytics gives you insights on behavior in contrast to performance, so you’ll have insights on how visitors are behaving on your website – how much time spent per session, bounce rate and more. By analyzing this, you’ll have even more data to make improvements to your campaigns.



Investing in Google Ads can help your business attract leads, sign more clients, increase sales, and drive brand awareness. If you’re not certain whether advertising on Google is right for you or how it works, here are five reasons to invest in it, and their advantages;

Reach people that are actively searching for you: appear on top of Google search results based on matching search terms, to reach people looking for what you are offering.

Only pay for engagement: you pay per click on your ad, not for how many times your ad is showing. Or per view of your video, counted after a certain view length.

Attract qualified traffic: narrow targeting on who you want your ad to show to based on location, language, and demographics of gender and age.

Choose campaigns and placements depending on your goal: advertise on Google search, Youtube, Gmail, Apps, Google Maps or with retargeting to increase brand awareness, leads or sales.

Track performance and optimize over time: get access to real-time metrics on performance, and analyze data to improve your campaigns and results.

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